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When: July 9-13, 2024   

Where: Otterbein University

The All-Ohio Cross Country Camp is open to all high school student-athletes who enjoy running with and learning from the best. Instructors include Olympians, nationally recognized physicians, physiologists and coaches. Campers will receive guidance from counselors from universities and campuses across the country. Campers will experience a bit of campus life while learning the latest training and physiological advances in distance running.


  • $375 overnight camper (meals included,

    • Option 1 - Pay $150 non-refundable deposit upon registration; $225 due at check-in

    • Option 2 - Pay $375 upon registration, no balance due at camp. Should registration need canceled, all but $150 non-refundable deposit will be refunded.

  • Attention Coaches – Bring 7 or more runners and one coach is invited to comes free  with every seven campers, two coaches with 14 runners, etc. Coaches must be over the age of twenty-one. 

  • Roommate Requests - Most rooms have two beds. We do our best to accommodate all roommate requests, but cannot guarantee all requests will be honored. Note, some of the teams who attend have rooming assignments made by their coaches. In these cases we honor the rooming assingments made by the coaches. To submit your roommate request please fill out this form.

Registration includes all meals, lodging, activities, a camp shirt and other swag from our sponsors!

In 2023, we hosted student-athletes from over 60 schools!

A $150 non-refundable registration fee which will be applied to your camp total must be sent with application. Balance is due upon check-in at camp.

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So, are you registered for the All-Ohio XC Camp?!

What are you waiting for? How about this…

- Fleet Feet x NB Nattys Backpack

- Fleet Feet x Chicknlegs Shorts

- Epic trail running x beach party day trip

- New Speakers

- Expanded food selection

- And of course, all the usual shenanigans

- Reportedly we run too!


Sign up today!



Otterbein University, 1 S Grove St, Westerville, OH 43081. Map here.


Runners are grouped according to their fitness level and experience. The distance of the runs and the tempo of the runs are also grouped according to fitness level. All campers will be videotaped and analyzed looking at proper running form.

Camp Topics

  • Sports Psychology

  • Cross Training

  • Injury Prevention

  • Proper Running Technique

  • Race Tactics

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition

  • Academic Preparation for College


The fun schedule of recreational activities include:

  • Whiffle ball

  • Volleyball

  • Kick ball

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Ice Cream Social

  • Dance — DJ with Light Show


  • Outdoor and Indoor Track Facilities

  • Camp Lounge with Billiards, Ping Pong

  • Miles and miles of soft running trails

  • Grassy Fields

Housing and Meals

Hosting camp at Otterbein University allows campers to experience a taste of life on a college campus in a safe, structured environment. Otterbein University is settled on top of the hills in Westerville, a small, eclectic Ohio town.  Campers will be served three great meals a day (all you can eat) and share a living area. Meals are prepared daily by an outstanding cook staff that focuses on nutritious meals.  Campers will be housed in the Otterbein Universuty dormitories, which host a majority of the students that attend the University during the academic year.  Each camper will have a bed, which may be a bunk bed or portable roll away bed (we do house campers on the same team in the closed-off common rooms also).


What To Pack

The staff at All-Ohio Cross Country Camp has compiled the following list of items that you may want to bring with you for use during your stay:

  • Remaining balance for camp.


  • LINENS ARE NOT PROVIDED! Please bring sheets or sleeping bag. Bring a towel or two.


  • Casual clothes and swimsuit

  • Personal items (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

  • Snacks to refuel after workouts and fuel you between meals.

  • Paper and pencil

  • Spending money for sodas, t-shirts, pizza, camp store, etc. Fleet Feet and New Balance will be on-site with great deals on their training shoes and competition spikes!

  • Fans. The dorms are not air conditioned.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 9.29.43 PM.png



  • XC: 53 campers ran at the State Meet,

    • 9 All-Ohio finishers

    • 2 State Champions

    • 6 top-ten finishers

  • Indoor TF: 33 campers competed at the State Meet

    • 15 podium finishes

    • 5 State Champions

    • 7 runner-up finishers

  • Outdoor TF: Stay tuned!


  • XC: 37 campers ran at the State Meet,

    • 7 All-Ohio finishers

    • 2 top-ten finishers

  • Indoor TF: 28 campers competed at the State Meet

    • 14 podium finishes

    • 4 State Champions

    • 5 runner-up finishers

  • Outdoor TF: 22 campers competed at the State Meet 

    • 13 podium finishes​

    • 3 State Champions

    • 4 runner-up finishes


  • XC: 59 campers ran at the State Meet,

    • 9 All-Ohio finishers

    • 1 State Champion

    • 2 top-ten finishers

    • 1 All-American

  • Indoor TF: 43 campers competed at the State Meet

    • 27 podium finishes

    • 8 State Champions

    • 5 runner-up finishers

    • 1 All-American finish

  • Outdoor TF: 32 campers competed at the State Meet 

    • 19 podium finishes​

    • 9 State Champions

    • 5 runner-up finishes


  • XC: 47 campers ran at the State Meet,

    • 6 campers earning All-Ohio honors,

    • 1 runner-up finisher

    • 3 top-ten finishers

    • 1 team on the podium!

  • Indoor TF: 39 campers competed at the State Meet

    • 24 podium finishes

    • 9 State Champions

    • 3 runner-up finishers

    • 1 All-American finish

  • Outdoor TF: 24 campers competed at the State Meet 

    • 16 podium finishes​

    • 7 State Champions

    • 2 runner-up finishes

    • 1 National Champion


  • XC: 51 campers ran at the State Meet

    • 6 campers earning All-Ohio honors

    • 1 State Champion!

  • Indoor TF: 23 campers ran at the State Meet

    • 14 podium finishes

    • 7 State Champions

    • 4 runners-up

  • 29 campers ran at the State Meet 

    • 27 podium finishes

    • 3 State Champions


  • XC: 54 campers ran at the State Meet

    • 12 campers earning All-Ohio honors

    • 1 State Champion!

  • TF: 26 campers ran at the State Meet

    • 16 podium finishes

    • 4 State Champions!

    • 2 runners-up!



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